Top 15 websites with highest number of visitors in india 

top websites with highest number of visitors

Here is a list of websites having highest number of visitors in india ,these are searched and collected with there estimates of recent visitors, they acquired maximum traffic from social media and mobiles,after in depth research got to know that English language based websites are more reliable in terms of readability and generate more traffic from various demographics.

Your niche matters the most so its required to be in your niche and your audience must be targeted to acquire maximum traffic.

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Grab the list.              9,901,251                  8,156,958             5,482,028                                4,680,167                             4,591,388               4,427,464                        3,756,849                 3,587,538                        3,362,276                     3,336,377                            3,256,156                   3,000,072                  2,768,719                                 2,521,536                       2,400,912

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some companies were hidden so replaced with next position company.

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