Top traffic sites in India

top traffic site in india

Top traffic sites in India

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Here is a list of top traffic sites in india

Have you ever imagined how much traffic the top most websites have in india

A list of 10 top traffic sites in india, even the money making sites

You will not believe that the sites you were interacting were the topmost websites as per and

we have recently checked out that in terms of traffic these mentioned websites has the highest number of users traffic. You may be imagining that how they are getting this much traffic ?

Hmm here is the estimate first check it out n then will tell you some secrets..

Sl No.           website                         Traffic 9,825,833
2 8,172,269
3 5,502,567
4 4,899,516
5 4,807,566
6 4,531,827
7 3,750,052
8 3,641,182
9 3,585,426
10 3,419,571

Its on the top and having largest customers and checkout there vastness and broad niche that becomes the factor of there popularity,they are making millions of dollars just after this traffic. Website is serving around 10% of indian traffic per month and are acquiring the top most position in the list.

You cant imagine that a site with route maps and other info can generate this much traffic but you can see the resultant traffic and thats why the broadness and complete info help a lot to get ranked and become a quality content contributor instead of google.

A question answer forum based platform where users exchange information regarding technology and other niche and interest but this makes google think about the traffic because the traffic here generated is quite high as expected this means people are now looking for the online forums to discuss on live mode. 

wow yeah wow what a strategy a marketer will understand why i used wow because a website like rvcj which didn’t have existence few months before and got hiked just because of the content that deserves the traffic a website that is the result of a facebook page that got a million like and that made to come on our list. 

The name suggest the functionality and in similar way the purpose of making so here you will get the various popular and funny gif’s that will make your day.

A question answer platform basically made for the geeks and beginners as well ,you can ask here any technical questions and people in the forum will answer your query.You may try once if you are engaged with a code since long time ..

I think i’ve used it approx 1000 times to download various softwares the concept is highly appreciable and the quality of service that they manage there security and reputation is awesome and the people always admire the whitehat website who are into business with a reason.

Get Latest News from India & World, Top Trending Stories from Lifestyle, Humor, Sports, Travel, Foods, Technology, Women, Education, Politics …this is the tagline of this website so you can go through the website if you believe in any of the above query. 

A good approach to start a portal that is completely in indian languages and serving indians and thus have traffic even so they deserves position in the list,i will put it on the top in my search bar.

US peoples always finds a way to enter into market and thats how buzzfeed get into the list without our interest but atlast we have to go through facts n figures and you can see they made a space in our list…f**c


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